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Jika Anda Tidak Punya Kartu Kredit dan Alat Transaksi Online, serta tidak punya keakhlian installasi, kami menawarkan paket siap pakai, meliputi domain, hosting, WooCommerce Wishlist, dan tutorial. Silahkan hubungi kami Klik Chat CHAT

Daftar Keinginan WooCommerce - Demo OnlineDaftar Keinginan WooCommerce - Dokumentasi Online

Wujudkan Keinginan Pelanggan

Semua Toko eCommerce besar menawarkan fitur Daftar Keinginan untuk toko mereka dan Anda dapat melakukannya. Dengan Plugin Daftar Keinginan WooCommerce kami, Anda dapat dengan mudah membuat, melihat, mengedit, berbagi, atau mencari Daftar Keinginan. Masuk Pelanggan dapat membuat daftar keinginan sendiri dan membagikannya. Jika Mode Tamu diaktifkan, pengguna juga dapat membuat daftar tanpa harus masuk.

Fitur Daftar Keinginan

Fitur Daftar Keinginan WooCommerce


  • Diuji dengan WordPress 3.8+
  • Diuji dengan WooCommerce 3+

Bundel Plugin WooCommerce

Yg dibutuhkan

  • WooCommerce 3+
  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP5.6+
  • Kerangka Redux


- NEW:    Sort & Enable / Disalbe the fields that will be exported
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- NEW: Sort & order status and disable them
View post on
- NEW: Enable / Disable variation support
View post on
- NEW: Added an intro text for my account > Wishlists - NEW: Added a loading indicator to my wishlists - FIX: Variation product ID not removed loading state on buttons ====== 1.1.9 ====== - NEW: Added support for our single variations plugin - NEW: Added support for variations on product level
View post on
- FIX: Issue with our variations table plugin - FIX: Add to Wishlist button shortcode not working - FIX: Removed Header tag from modal ====== 1.1.8 ====== - NEW: Exlcude / include product categories or products created by specific users (e.g. vendors)
View post on
- FIX: Fatal error on Statistics when product is no longer available - FIX: Loading icon not showing on buttons ====== 1.1.7 ====== - NEW: Wishlists in WooCommerce My Account section:
View post on
Resave permalinks after enabling - FIX: Added support for store locator - FIX: Updated PHP Office library to latest version ====== 1.1.6 ====== - NEW: Added classes to wishlist modal - NEW: Added font awesome 5 support - FIX: Guest Wishlist not working - FIX: Added aria label ====== 1.1.5 ====== - NEW: Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework Read more here: This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards
View post on
- FIX: No products added text not shown on my wishlist page ====== 1.1.4 ====== - FIX: Long description css class wrong - FIX: Switched to custom argument in wishlist for better theme support ====== 1.1.3 ====== - NEW: Section in options panel for custom texts ====== 1.1.2 ====== - NEW: Excel exports image as file not as URL path now - NEW: First rows bold in Excel - NEW: Auto wrap description text - NEW: Products on Guest Wishlist now show on default as added to wishlist - FIX: Added to cart now set by default if a product is in guest wishlist ====== 1.1.1 ====== - NEW: Export wishlists as CSV or Excel XLSX See data to show you can enable both buttons ====== 1.1.0 ====== - NEW: Share Guest Wishlists, the URL is adding a GET Parameter:,234 70 & 234 are IDs - NEW: Option to remove the sidebar with the login info text for guests - NEW: Product image & product title are linked now - NEW: Print option with additional CSS Print Styling Can be enalbed in Share Settings - FIX: Removed Google+ sharing as Google+ is stopped - FIX: Facebook Share Button - FIX: Twitter Share Button - FIX: Pinterest Share Button - FIX: Issue when public wishlists showed edit / delete links ====== 1.0.11 ====== - FIX: Public / Shared wishlists are visible by guests ====== 1.0.10 ====== - NEW: Added support for Guest Wishlist PDF Export Plugin ====== 1.0.9 ====== - FIX: Set default button position to before meta information - FIX: Set wishlist Query to posts_per_page unlimited ====== 1.0.8 ====== - FIX: Added span tag to add to wishlist btn - FIX: Issue when product was deleted / no longer available ====== 1.0.7 ====== - FIX: PHP Error ====== 1.0.6 ====== - NEW: Added span tag to add / view wishlist texts - NEW: Added an option for custom integration in shop loop - NEW: Added btn classes to submit button - NEW: Set your own login page URL ====== 1.0.5 ====== - NEW: Set Cookie Lifetime in plugin settings for guest wishlist - FIX: Translations breaking HTML ====== 1.0.4 ====== - NEW: Added translations: - de_DE - en_US - es_ES - fi_FI - fr_FR - hu_HU - it_IT - nb_NO - nl_NL - pl_PL - pt_PT - ru_RU - sk_SK ====== 1.0.3 ====== - NEW: Products added to a wishlist show in backend ====== 1.0.2 ====== - FIX: Wishlist button not working after AJAX loaded products - FIX: Wishlist loading icon not disappearing after close ====== 1.0.1 ====== - NEW: Integration to our WooCommerce PDF Catalog Plugin: - NEW: Actions: woocommerce_wishlist_before_wishlist woocommerce_wishlist_before_products woocommerce_wishlist_after_products woocommerce_wishlist_after_wishlist ====== 1.0.0 ====== - Inital release


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