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Kami menawarkan layanan pembuatan website dengan source code Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More!. Tema yang digunakan asli dan berlisensi resmi dari Envato. Layanan ini dibuat untuk membantu Anda memulai bisnis tanpa harus repot dengan urusan teknis yang menghabiskan waktu dan tenaga.

Paket yang kami tawarkan mencakup:

Registrasi Nama Domain
Pendaftaran domain atas nama Anda.

Pemilihan Jenis Hosting
Pemilihan jenis hosting yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More!.

Pembelian serta Instalasi Source Code
Pembelian source code Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More! dari sumber resminya serta instalasinya.

Panduan Pengelolaan dan Pengaturan Awal
Tutorial mengenai pengelolaan dan pengaturan awal penggunaan Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More!.

Biaya Paket Sudah Termasuk :

Pendaftaran domain
Pendaftaran nama domain atas nama Anda untuk masa aktif satu tahun. Tahun selanjutnya, Anda dapat memperpanjang sendiri dengan data yang sudah didaftarkan atas nama Anda. Anda hanya perlu mengirimkan data yang dibutuhkan.

Penyediaan hosting untuk masa aktif satu tahun. Tahun selanjutnya, Anda bisa memperpanjang sendiri dengan data yang sudah didaftarkan atas nama Anda.

Panduan Setting Awal Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More!
Kami memberikan panduan untuk menggunakan website dan menyesuaikannya dengan kebutuhan bisnis Anda. Layanan ini sesuai untuk pemula.

Konsultasi Mengenai Pengelolaan Website
Kami memberikan kebebasan untuk berkonsultasi tentang website yang Anda gunakan jika ada yang kurang dimengerti. Ini salah satu kelebihan yang kami tawarkan.
Cara Order
Anda bisa melakukan order melalui:

Website kami langsung.
Melalui WhatsApp: 082117949122.

Syarat dan Ketentuan

Mencoba Versi Demo
Anda harus mencoba demo Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More! dan memastikan sistem yang kami tawarkan sesuai dengan kebutuhan bisnis Anda. Lihat demonya di sini.
Pembayaran Awal.
Membayar biaya di muka 100%. Kami tidak menerima sistem DP karena pembuatan website membutuhkan modal untuk pembelian domain, hosting, SSL, dan lisensi source code Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More!.
Aturan Domain dan Hosting.
Jika domain dan hosting sudah aktif, order tidak bisa diubah ke jenis website lain. Mengganti nama domain sama dengan order baru lagi.
Dengan layanan ini, kami berkomitmen untuk memudahkan Anda memulai bisnis tanpa harus repot dengan aspek teknis.



  1. (Jun – July): Native Futures Trading
  2. (July – Aug): Native Blockchain Nodes and Explorers
  3. (Aug – Sep): NFT MarketPlace
  4. (Sep): Decentralized Swap
  5. (Sep – Oct): Decentralized Trading
  6. (Oct): Onramper


Introducing Our Premier Trading Platform: A Convergence of Innovation and Excellence

  1. Market Leader in Trading Platforms: Recognized as the Rank 1 Best Selling and Most Highly-Rated (5-Star) Trading Platform.
  2. Peak Performance Platform: Acclaimed as the Rank 1 Best Performing Platform with a robust backend framework. Benchmark
  3. Advanced Next.js Frontend: Harnessing the power of Next.js for a cutting-edge frontend experience.
  4. Elite Trading Interface: Offering a top-end trading page, optimized for user engagement and performance.
  5. Adaptive Trading Page: A fully collapsible trading page that adjusts seamlessly across devices.
  6. Device-Responsive Design: Ensures a fluid experience on all devices with tailored layouts.
  7. Fully Tailored User Experience: Customize the frontend to your exact specifications, including global site themes, sidebars, shades, and colors.
  8. SEO-Optimized Whitelabel Solution: Fully customizable for brand alignment with built-in SEO enhancements.
  9. Dynamic SVG Animations: Elevate user interaction with fully animated SVGs, enhancing the platform’s interactivity.
  10. Automated Liquidity Solutions: Seamless integration with major exchange providers like Binance and Kucoin, alongside native exchange and blockchain integration using an ecosystem addon.
  11. Innovative Binary Trading System: Offering a cutting-edge binary trading experience.
  12. Native Charting Library: A comprehensive set of drawing tools and indicators for precise market analysis.
  13. Real-Time Orderbook: Stay updated with a live orderbook feature.
  14. Comprehensive User Management: A robust system for managing users, roles, and permissions.
  15. Fully Customizable KYC Templates: Adapt the KYC process with customizable templates and multiple levels.
  16. Comprehensive KYC System: A reliable and efficient Know Your Customer system.
  17. Expansive Extension Library: A vast array of extensions available, continuously expanding the platform’s capabilities.
  18. Unparalleled Platform Customization: Tailor every aspect of the site for a unique user experience.
  19. Versatile Wallet Management: Customize wallets with balance adjustment capabilities.
  20. Comprehensive Fiat Wallet System: A dedicated system for managing fiat wallets.
  21. Built-in Cron Manager: All backend crons are efficiently managed and executed upon deployment.
  22. Effortless Installation: Benefit from an automated installation script for straightforward setup.
  23. One-Click Live Updater: Keep the platform updated effortlessly with a single click.
  24. Integrated Mailing and Notification Systems: Efficient communication channels for user engagement.
  25. Enhanced Security: Robust 2nd-factor authentication system using SMS or app authenticators.
  26. Multilingual Capability with Auto-Translation: Break language barriers with an automated translator.
  27. Real-Time Support: Live support with an in-built websocket, independent of third-party services.
  28. Efficient Live Ticketing System: Streamline customer support with a live ticketing system.
  29. Dynamic Blogging Feature: A fully-functional blog system to engage and inform users.
  30. High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) System: A platform for managing high-yield investments.
  31. Advanced Admin Management and Analytics: Comprehensive tools for platform administration and analytics.
  32. Exchange Integration Wizard: Easily connect with providers like Binance for orderbook integration.
  33. Fiat Currency Management Tools: Manage fiat currencies effectively.
  34. Dual Mode Interface: Choose between dark and light modes for user preference.
  35. Extensive API Documentation with Testing Functionality: Comprehensive API documentation, complete with integrated testing features for streamlined development and troubleshooting.
  36. \\

  37. Robust Security Framework: Advanced security measures including CSRF protection, and a sophisticated token system with token refreshing and expiration functionalities, ensuring top-notch security and user data protection.

V4 Backend Features

  • MashServer Framework: Built on top of uws20 for superior performance and scalability.
  • Advanced Logger: Featuring categories, levels, and color-coded logs in a fully readable and filterable format.
  • Swagger Documentation: New generator and parser for comprehensive API documentation.
  • Validation Gate: Ensures secure handling of body, params, and queries with sanitization.
  • Automatic Route Generator: Creates GET, POST, PUT, DELETE routes from API structures.
  • Request Parsers: Conform to Swagger parameters and body configurations.
  • Roles Manager: Efficient role management with caching.
  • CLI Deployment Loader: Displays task durations for better deployment insights.
  • Sequelize ORM: Complete database rework for proper naming conventions and performance.
  • UUID Implementation: Transitioned all IDs to UUIDv4 for consistency.
  • Lazy Loading Routes: Reduces server deployment times significantly.
  • Middlewares: Enhanced authentication and rate limiting mechanisms.
  • Authentication System: Session and cookie-based authentication for improved security.
  • Edge Server: Live token validation on the frontend for enhanced security.
  • JWT Management: Using JOSE for robust JWT generation and verification.
  • Redis for Tokens: Faster and more efficient authentication processes.
  • WebSocket Generator: Subscriptions and message handling for real-time communication.
  • WebSocket Authentication: Token refreshing on WebSocket sessions.
  • Database Singleton: Singleton instance for Sequelize to boost performance and enable live database syncing.
  • Validation Module: Robust validation rules and pretty error message generation with avj.
  • Live Notifications: Real-time notifications via WebSocket from API endpoints.
  • Support and Admin Notifications: New notifier system for better communication.
  • SQL to JSON Parsing: Simplifies migrations with efficient parsing.
  • Migration Module: Facilitates seamless transition from v3 to v4, relinking relations and converting IDs to UUIDs.
  • Task Manager: Efficient throttling with a new task manager.
  • Token Generators: New methods for generating tokens.
  • Online User Identification: Admins can identify online users using a WebSocket central system.
  • Swagger Schema Generators: Automatically generate schemas for Swagger documentation.
  • Data Handling Enhancements: Improved filtering, pagination, and sorting across all models and queries.
  • Nested Filtering: Support for filtering and sorting by nested content.
  • Paranoid System: Restore or permanently delete records with an initial trash system.
  • Comprehensive Bulk Operations: Handlers for bulk status updates, deletions, and restorations.
  • Token Regeneration: 14-day refresh token validity from session ID.
  • Wallet System Overhaul: Addresses for deposits and withdrawals requested on demand.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Handlers: Comprehensive handling for various wallet types, including FIAT, SPOT, and ECO.
  • Payment Gateways: Support for PayPal and Stripe for live deposit validation.
  • Funds Transfer Logic: Seamless transfer of funds between all wallet types.
  • Binary Trading Logic: Real-time validation with a WebSocket endpoint.
  • Market Management: Admins can import and enable markets with new logic.
  • Cron System: Efficient task automation with a new cron system.
  • Authentication Systems: Live reCAPTCHA v3 validation and Google authentication.
  • Wallet Authentication: SIWE (Sign-In with Ethereum) integration.
  • Registration Logic: Email verification required for access.
  • Email OTP Template: New reset template for email OTPs.
  • Admin Analysis Manager: Comprehensive analysis tools for various models.
  • Database Backup/Restore: New modules for efficient database management.
  • Log Monitor: Enhanced logging with filtering, pagination, and sorting.
  • Notification and Management Enhancements: Live updates and management for notifications and user records.
  • Exchange Provider Testing: New module for testing exchange providers.
  • Provider Balance Check: Endpoints for checking balances on provider sites.
  • Fee Calculator: Efficient calculation of collectable fees.
  • i18n Wrapper: Auto-converts strings for translation with necessary imports and definitions.
  • Shared Types: Consistent types shared between backend and frontend.
  • i18n Handler: Supports 64 locales with different fonts.
  • Data Table: Comprehensive handling of data tables with live updates and multi-field filtering.
  • Notification and Announcement Panels: Live-updating panels for notifications and announcements.
  • UI Enhancements: Improved UI with guest, user, and admin menus.
  • Live Search: Menu and collapsible item search for better navigation.
  • Layouts: New sidebar, floating sidebar, and navigation bar layouts.
  • Locale Storage: Locale preferences stored in localStorage and cookies.
  • Page Management Rules: Per-page management rules for better control.
  • Analytics Support: Integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  • Trading Page Updates: Improved layout with dark/light mode support and real-time updates.
  • Markets Card: Displays tickers for both provider and ecosystem markets.
  • Custom Charting Library: Enhanced integration with the new layout.
  • WebSocket Ecosystem: Endpoints for charts, order books, tickers, trades, and live order updates.
  • Binary Trading: New page with live order previews and a comprehensive dashboard.
  • Wallet Management: New page for managing wallets with deposit, withdraw, and transfer wizards.
  • Dashboards: New dashboards for staking, forex, MLM, and ecommerce.
  • Blog System: Dynamic and responsive blog system with a new comment system.
  • Investment Pages: Comprehensive management and analysis tools for ICO investments, forex, and general investments.
  • Support Page: New page with a live WebSocket endpoint for user support.
  • System Health Check: Comprehensive health check with error reports for the admin dashboard.
  • Media Monitor: New media monitor with deletion capabilities.
  • Uploads Modifier: Controls image sizes and converts them to WebP for optimal performance.
  • Live Migration Monitoring: WebSocket endpoint for live migration monitoring of record changes.
  • Settings Page: Live updates for the settings page.
  • KYC Control: New KYC control and template rendering in the user profile page.
  • 2FA Control: Enhanced control of 2FA in the user profile page.
  • Menu Switcher: Seamless switching between user and admin menus.

V4 New Features

  • Page Builder: Introduced a new page builder with drag-and-drop, fully resizable, and responsive content generation, supporting dark/light mode.
  • Container Element: Comprehensive control over dimensions, display type, gap, grid, alignment, justify, margins, paddings, and colors in both modes.
  • Element Support: Enhanced support for text, link, input, checkbox, textarea, tag, button, image, and video elements with full editability.
  • UI Library Support: Integration with Flowbite, Flowrift, HyperUI, Meraki-Light, Preline, and Tailblocks UI libraries, all converted to fully editable forms.
  • Import/Export: Easily import and export encoded page content.
  • Dynamic Content Rendering: Live updates for frontends utilizing Next.js services.
  • Lazy Component Rendering: Load components as needed for optimal performance.
  • Editable Blocks: Over 50 fully editable initial blocks, with potential for hundreds more.
  • Undo/Redo Functionality: Easily revert changes or redo actions in the live page builder.

Trademark Notes:

Mandatory Inclusion of TradingView Trademark in Client Footers

  1. As part of our ongoing commitment to comply with legal standards and agreements, we would like to inform all clients that the inclusion of the TradingView trademark in the footer of their websites is now a mandatory requirement. This directive must be adhered to consistently, and any alteration or removal of the trademark is strictly prohibited.
  2. This requirement stems from our legal agreement with TradingView. Clients who wish to discuss the specifics of this agreement or explore alternative options for trademark placement are encouraged to directly contact TradingView. When reaching out, please identify yourself as a MashDiv client to facilitate the process. TradingView offers the possibility of utilizing a standalone page for their trademark instead of footer placement, or other section alternatives, should you prefer not to include the text in the footer.
  3. Please be aware that upon utilizing our services, your site and company information will be recorded in the TradingView company database. This registration is an integral part of our compliance with the terms of our agreement with TradingView.

Change Log:

Bicrypto Update Notes

Latest Version: 4.2.0

Bicrypto Change Logs

Support Alert

  • if you have any inquiries please send us a ticket here: https://support.mash3div.com/ which is our only official support method, or by direct contact on Envato
  • We are exclusive authors, we don’t sell outside Envato, we never make offers outside Envato, we don’t contact you by email, please be aware and don’t reach out to random people who pretend to be us!

Need some help?

Support Portal Bicrypto - Crypto Trading Platform,  Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More! - 1 Knowledgebase Bicrypto - Crypto Trading Platform,  Binary Trading, Investments, Blog, News & More! - 2 Support Policy

Faced a problem? No worries – our premium class customer support is always there to help you.

Support requests are being processed [normally] within 24 hours in the order they were received from Monday to Friday.

Please note that the fastest way to obtain support is to submit a request via our Support Portal: support.mash3div.com/. Requests received via CodeCanyon comments personal messages, or email will take a much longer time to process or can be not addressed at all!

Made with:

  • NextJS
  • MashServer (uWS 20 node)
  • Typescript
  • Ethers
  • Tailwind


  • Included in the installation folder

Demo User:

Demo Admin:

  • You will automatically be admin when u register in demo with limited access of all modification calls

Requirements (minimum):

  • A Knowledge in running a server or any hosting with ssh and root access
  • Node JS +18
  • Apache +2.4.49 Or Nginx
  • Server with SSH that has Permissions, not shared server without any permissions
  • VPS at least 4GB RAM to be able to execute orders smoothly
  • Make sure the provider allows the services of trading or referral system you are going to implant
  • Make sure the VPS country is allowed by the provider you going to purchase like Binance or Kucoin or use Ecosystem if you want global coverage without the usage of providers
  • For trading or binary you will need to get either kucoin or binance extensions for the API connection, or you can use the native trading ecosystem

Our Installation Service:

  • Fully Server Setup from Scratch
  • Full Installation with all services
  • We Require an empty Ubuntu system for the installation process or we install on your panel and your hosting can set the Apache proxy settings for your panel


Security Notes:

  • After support inquiries that require debugging any internal issues in your VPS, you always have to secure and change your credentials for security and never share them with any third party
  • If you use an unauthorized version and face any issues/errors or security issues then we are not responsible for that.
  • Support team never contacts and makes offers and discounts, our discounts are exclusively in Envato Marketplace, so always be careful
  • Read the .env file security section for extra guidance

Support Guidelines:

  • Issues related to SSL configurations that fall outside our service scope are not covered.
  • Domain DNS configurations issues are beyond our support boundaries.
  • Hosting or control panel issues that are not directly linked to our services are not covered.
  • Basic operational knowledge, such as running a VPS or executing simple update procedures like file copying, is expected from our clients. These areas are outside our support purview.
  • Any disruptions caused by manual interference with the platform or database deletions are not within our responsibility. However, our system is capable of regenerating the latest updated database schema, albeit without the old records. We strongly advise taking regular backups of your database and platform files to mitigate any potential data loss that occurs from manual tampering, which is beyond our support scope.
  • For VPS setups provided without a control panel, we offer a complimentary installation of Virtualmin. This service is provided free of charge to eliminate the need for monthly fees associated with Plesk or cPanel. Please note, the management and operation of Virtualmin is the client’s responsibility, as this falls outside our service offerings.
  • Support services are not available once the support period has expired. However, updates can still be obtained through Envato.
  • Access to our easy update service via API is exclusive to active support subscriptions. We recommend availing the 1-year extended support at an 80% discount during the initial extension period for continued access.
  • Complimentary installation services are provided with the purchase of two addons. This offer is limited to one free installation service per purchase. Should you require reinstallation after formatting the VPS, a fee will be charged for subsequent installations unless an additional two addons are purchased, qualifying for another free installation service.



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