Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine Siap Digunakan

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Kami menawarkan layanan pembuatan website memakai source code Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine. Tema atau theme yang digunakan adalah original dan berlisensi resmi dari Envato. Layanan ini dibuat untuk membantu Anda memulai bisnis tanpa harus repot dengan urusan teknis yang menghabiskan waktu dan tenaga.

Paket yang kami tawarkan mencakup:

Registrasi Nama Domain
Registrasi domain atas nama Anda.

Pemilihan Jenis Hosting
Pemilihan hosting yang cocok untuk kebutuhan Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine.

Pembelian serta Instalasi Source Code
Pembelian source code Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine dari sumber resminya serta instalasinya.

Tutorial Pengelolaan dan Setting Awal
Tutorial tentang pengelolaan serta pengaturan awal penggunaan Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine.

Biaya Paket Sudah Termasuk: 
Pendaftaran domain
Pendaftaran nama domain atas nama Anda untuk masa aktif satu tahun. Tahun selanjutnya, Anda dapat memperpanjang sendiri dengan data yang sudah didaftarkan atas nama Anda. Anda cukup mengirimkan data yang diperlukan.

Penyediaan hosting untuk masa aktif satu tahun. Tahun selanjutnya, Anda bisa memperpanjang sendiri dengan data yang sudah didaftarkan atas nama Anda.

Tutorial Setting Awal Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine
Kami memberikan panduan untuk menggunakan website dan menyesuaikannya dengan kebutuhan bisnis Anda. Layanan ini dirancang untuk pemula.

Konsultasi Mengenai Pengelolaan Website
Kami memberikan kebebasan untuk berkonsultasi tentang website yang Anda gunakan jika ada yang kurang dimengerti. Ini salah satu kelebihan yang kami tawarkan.

Cara Order

  • Anda bisa melakukan order melalui:
  • Website kami.
    Melalui WhatsApp: 082117949122.

Syarat dan Ketentuan

Mencoba Demo
Anda harus mencoba demo Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine dan memastikan sistem yang kami tawarkan sesuai dengan kebutuhan bisnis Anda. Lihat demonya di sini.


Pembayaran Dimuka
Membayar biaya penuh di muka. Kami tidak menerima sistem DP karena pembuatan website membutuhkan modal untuk pembelian domain, hosting, SSL, dan lisensi source code Foxiz – WordPress Newspaper News and Magazine.

Ketentuan Domain dan Hosting
Jika domain dan hosting sudah aktif, order tidak bisa diubah ke jenis website lain. Mengganti nama domain sama dengan order baru lagi.

Layanan ini berkomitmen membantu Anda memulai bisnis dengan mudah tanpa kerepotan teknis.


Foxiz 2.4
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 2.3
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 2.2
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 2.1
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 2.0
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 1.9
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 1.8
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 1.7
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 1.6
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 1.5
Foxiz wordpress news theme version 1.4
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foxiz wordpress newspaper and magazine theme documentation

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Foxiz – The Ultimate Mobile-First WordPress Theme for News, Magazines, and Blogs

Foxiz is the ideal WordPress theme for news, magazine, blog, and publishing sites. Designed with all the tools you need, it is user-friendly, lightweight, and optimized for top performance and Core Web Vitals.

The Most Flexible WordPress Theme for Customization

With a vast array of settings, Foxiz offers complete customization and configuration for all devices, making it perfect for mobile and fully responsive news, magazine, and blog websites.

Foxiz supports a wide range of features including a front-end builder, dark mode, AI content creation, AMP, podcast, Shop, Mailchimp, RTL, WPML for multiple languages, Paywall, Personalized Systems, Reaction, Reading History, GDPR compliant and Forums…

Foxiz is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of plugins such as bbPress, WooCommerce, MC4WP, Post View Counter, Contact Form 7, Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP-Optimize, Autoptimize, LiteSpeed Cache, HubSpot, and WPForms… Ensuring maximum compatibility and easy configuration.

Foxiz fully supports SEO plugins like RankMath, Yoast, and All in One SEO for better search rankings. It is SEO-friendly, with built-in schema for news, articles, videos, and podcasts, as well as site links search boxes and breadcrumb bars to enhance SEO.

With a diverse library of pre-built templates, Foxiz enables you to swiftly launch professional websites without starting from scratch.

Professionally Designed Prebuilt Websites:

  1. Multi Purpose
  2. Live, Breaking News
  3. Personalized News
  4. Times Newspaper
  5. SEO Tutorial
  6. Technology Phone Reviews Software
  7. Fashion, Clothing
  8. Food, Recipes Cooking
  9. Beauty, Makeup & Yoga
  10. Design, Freebies Blog
  11. Business Finance Politics Economic
  12. Subscription & Paywall
  13. RTL
  14. National & Breaking News
  15. Interior & Architecture Shop
  16. Hardware, PC News
  17. Bitcoin & Blockchain
  18. Gaming Review
  19. Network, Technology News
  20. Creative, Art & Ideas
  21. Financial & Stock Market
  22. Travel Magazine
  23. Booking & Hotel
  24. Adventure & Wanderlust
  25. Podcasts Vlogs
  26. Car & Forums
  27. University Academy
  28. Classic Blog
  29. Enterprise Magazine
  30. Sport News
  31. Coffee Shop
  32. Science, Physics & Space
  33. Medical News
  34. Pet Blog
  35. Wildlife & Animals Magazine
  36. Military & War
  37. Book, Comics Shop
  38. AI, ChatGPT Blog
  39. Affiliate Blog & Web Stories
  40. Fashion Monetization
  41. Application News
  42. Music Magazine
  43. Kids & Learn Grow
  44. Photography Magazine
  45. Resume & Personal Blog
  46. Film & Movies
  47. Innovation & Modern News
  48. Analytics, Conferences & Research
  49. Android, iOS, Smartphone
  50. Retail, Marketing Blog
  51. Travel, Adventure & Wanderlust
  52. Travel, Hotel & Booking
  53. Watches Magazine
  54. Tea & Coffee
  55. Recipes, Food Blog

Exceptional Customer Support

We are proud to have received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers, reflecting our commitment to high-quality themes and outstanding customer support.

  • We offer top-notch after-sales support, caring about your website as much as you do and assisting in every possible way.
  • Benefit from new features with each update
  • We value your feedback and welcome suggestions for new features
  • Access comprehensive online documentation

Customize Everything with the Front-End Page Builder

With Foxiz, you have complete control over your website’s design. Customize every element from header to footer for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices to reflect your unique style. Our mobile-first design and responsive layout ensure your site looks stunning on any device, providing an exceptional user experience.

Foxiz offers extensive customization options, allowing you to effortlessly mix layouts from various demos. We continually update our demos to incorporate the latest design trends and features, giving you endless possibilities for creating a standout website.

Easy One-Click Demo Installation

With just one click, you can launch a professional website quickly and effortlessly.

No coding knowledge or technical expertise is needed. Foxiz offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that empowers anyone to create a stunning website.

Foxiz provides flexible import options, allowing you to import all content or only pages, theme settings, and widgets. This feature is especially useful if you have existing site data, enabling selective import without disrupting your current setup.

Mobile-First Design & Fully Responsive

With nearly 50% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s crucial that your website looks and functions perfectly across all screens. Designed with a mobile-first approach, Foxiz ensures excellent performance on any device.

Unlike other themes, Foxiz allows you to control every element based on the devices: desktop, tablet, or mobile, ensuring your site looks perfect everywhere. Thoroughly tested on various devices, Foxiz has passed Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Unique mobile features exclusive to Foxiz include:

  • Full-Screen Mobile Menu: Adapts to any screen size with a clear and intuitive structure.
  • Mobile Menu Builder: Easily create your ideal mobile menu using the Ruby Template.
  • Live Font Size Resizer: Enhances readability, crucial for news and blog sites.
  • Responsive Settings System: Provides comprehensive control over your site’s appearance on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Flex Entry Meta: Customize the visibility of entry meta for each device.
  • Quick Access Menu: Displays a horizontal scroll bar for easy navigation on mobile and tablets.
  • Smart Mobile Layout: Control mobile layouts of Elementor blocks, switching between list and grid, carousel views.
  • Flexible Featured Image: Adjust image ratios and widths for different devices, with custom crop sizes for individual blocks.
  • Flexible Columns & Spacing: Supports up to 7 columns for post listings, with adjustable spacing for a polished look on any device.
  • Horizontal Scroll Effect: Enhances usability on mobile and tablets with a horizontal scroll bar for effortless navigation.
  • Mobile Logo Upload and Adjustment: Customize and adjust your mobile logo easily.


Enhance your website’s performance with Foxiz’s advanced SEO capabilities. Our theme is meticulously designed to meet the latest SEO standards and algorithms, ensuring higher rankings and increased organic traffic.

Foxiz is fully compatible with leading SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math, and SEOPress, offering integration for enhanced optimization.

  • Achieve a perfect 100 SEO score on Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool
  • The theme supports Open Graph meta tags not only for single posts but also extends this support across the entire website, including the homepage, single posts, pages, archives, categories, and authors.
  • Optimized heading tags and HTML structure to meet the latest SEO standards
  • Supports News Article, Article, Review, and Video, Live Blogging Schema Markup for improved search engine visibility
  • Enhanced Google SERP and Sitelinks support
  • Organization Schema Markup and ItemList (Carousel) Markup for homepage
  • Customizable Meta Descriptions for all posts, pages
  • Supports fallback share images upload
  • Supports input for Organization data
  • Supports the Breadcrumbs Bar with Navxt and SEO Yoast, enhanced by Schema Markup.

Superior Performance and Clean Code

Foxiz is crafted adhering to WordPress coding standards, ensuring superior performance and compatibility with future updates. Our modular code organization optimizes performance and ensures fast load times without relying on heavy plugins.

With a compact package size of under 3MB, Foxiz is lightweight and installs easily on any hosting plan. You can extend and customize its design and functionality through child themes, allowing easy overrides to meet your specific needs while maintaining peak performance.

Ready for Core Web Vitals

We prioritize website speed for optimal user experience and SEO. Foxiz is meticulously optimized for Core Web Vitals, ensuring excellent accessibility for your visitors. Our theme excels on speed testing tools like Google Page Speed, Pingdom, and GTmetrix, thanks to its lightweight and efficient code.

  • Optimized for Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) and Interaction to Next Paint (INP)
  • Minimized CSS and JavaScript files for faster loading
  • Load additional CSS only when specific plugin features like membership, recipes, and shop are active
  • Combined JS and CSS files to reduce server requests
  • Browser-level Image Lazy Loading with toggle options for individual blocks
  • Create custom crop sizes and assign sizes for individual blocks
  • Preloaded fonts for improved performance
  • Supports disabling Srcset images in post content and lazy loading for them
  • Fully compatible with popular caching plugins for performance optimization

Dark Mode

Dark mode is a popular feature that allows users to switch to a darker color palette for their website viewing experience. With Foxiz, you can easily offer this option to your visitors and enabling them to toggle dark mode on or off at any time.

Supporting Dark Mode enhances website accessibility and readability, particularly in low-light environments.

  • Dark mode available across all demos
  • No Flicker: Intelligent detection of dark mode in visitors’ browsers ensures smooth loading without flickering, improving user experience.
  • Default Dark Mode: Set dark mode as the default option for your website
  • Allows to choose mode the first-time visitors
  • Supports automatic mode switching based on the browser’s scheme
  • Customizable dark mode settings for colors and backgrounds across all elements
  • Dark mode settings for default Elementor Grid and Container
  • Dark mode settings for most default Elementor widgets, ensuring compatibility with Foxiz without additional customization
  • Upload logo for dark mode.

Website Builder with Ruby Templates

Foxiz is fully compatible with Elementor, one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress. It supports all Elementor layouts, allowing you to effortlessly create and customize your website pages using this powerful tool.

With Ruby Templates, managing and reusing your templates becomes easy, providing a new way to customize your website and build it from top to bottom.

  • Homepage builder
  • Header builder
  • Footer builder
  • Sidebar builder
  • Single post builder
  • Blog page builder
  • Category builder
  • Search page builder
  • Archive page builder
  • Custom taxonomy page builder
  • Custom post type builder
  • Author page builder
  • Tag page builder
  • Shop page builder
  • 404 page builder
  • Mega menu builder
  • Related Post builder

Flexible Theme Options

Powered by the Redux Framework, Foxiz offers extensive global customization options. Take full control of styling, typography, and color schemes across your entire website.

Additionally, Foxiz provides options for individual pages, posts, and blocks, allowing you to override global settings and customize specific elements on a per-page basis.

  • 120+ theme option panels customization
  • Extensive options offer remarkable customization flexibility, eliminating the need for code modifications
  • Efficient organization for intuitive site building
  • Advanced search feature for quick navigation through options
  • Combined options for things like typography for efficient control in one area, saving time
  • Simple import/export for easy backups or site transfers
  • Manage layout elements like site width and sidebars with precision

Customize image crop sizes and assign them to specific layouts, optimizing loading times and enhancing website performance.

  • Explore standard horizontal image demos like Android Hub and Default
  • Discover vertical image demos such as Coffee & Tea and Recipes
  • Teaser images under featured images
  • Create unlimited custom crop sizes tailored to various design needs.
  • Efficiently manage disk space by disabling unnecessary crop sizes.
  • Ensure consistent layout with individual crop sizes assigned to each block.
  • Adjust featured image positions to prevent important content from being cropped out.
  • Control featured image ratios for optimal visual presentation.
  • Switch effortlessly to vertical images across your entire website with a simple setting.

Personalized System

Foxiz boasts a unique Personalized System that sets it apart from other themes. This feature empowers your website visitors to bookmark posts, categories, and authors they find intriguing, allowing them to conveniently access saved content later.

  • Explore demos like Personalized and The Times
  • Save any posts to read later
  • Supports both guest and logged-in users
  • Allows you to choose who can bookmark items
  • Reading list template for organized content management
  • Expiration settings for guest users
  • Popup notifications for bookmark and follow updates
  • Reading History: Helps visitors keep track of their browsing history on your site
  • Recommend posts based on user interests, utilizing AJAX for compatibility with caching plugins
  • Supports following authors to receive updates on new content recommendations
  • Supports following categories to receive updates on new content recommendations
  • Like and Dislike: Allows users to vote on your website content, enhancing user interaction
  • Reactions: Supports multiple reactions such as love, sad, happy, angry, etc
  • Sync personalized data across devices for logged-in users

Place Ads Everywhere

With Foxiz, there are no limitations on ad placement—you can position ads wherever you prefer across your website.

You have the flexibility to choose the optimal AdSense sizes for your website across laptops, tablets, and phones. Place these ads without the need for additional solutions.

  • Supports Auto Ads
  • Supports AMP Auto Ads
  • Custom ad image support for both light and dark mode
  • Top site ad placement
  • Inline single content Ads with multiple positions
  • Footer slide-up ads
  • Bottom header ads
  • Footer ads
  • Elementor Ads Block (script & images): Allows you to add ads anywhere on your site
  • Responsive AdSense: Allows you to choose ad sizes for AdSense on each device type
  • Exclude ads on specific pages such as cart, shop, checkout, and 404 pages..
  • AdBlock Detector: Detects most AdBlock extensions and prompts users to disable them

Everything for Publishers’ Needs

Foxiz is the ultimate solution for news websites, Streamline content management with an intuitive post panel, making editing and writing.

Foxiz also includes robust affiliate marketing features, enabling you to monetize your blog with ease. Additionally, it supports advanced functionalities such as live blogging and podcasting

  • 11 predefined layouts for standard posts
  • 4 predefined layouts each for video, audio, and gallery post format
  • Break Page Selection: Displays the selected page section when using page breaks for lengthy content posts
  • Post Tagline: choosing taglines from sources such as excerpts or manually input
  • Allows choosing featured image size, supports lightbox, and captions for the featured image
  • Automatically fetches images from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion to set as the featured image
  • Additional tags such as sources and via, with 3 predefined layouts
  • Displays newsletter signup at the bottom of content
  • Fixed left share bars with sticky animation.
  • Multiple share positions to distribute your content across various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, VK, and more.
  • Native share post support in browsers, allowing visitors to share posts via messenger apps like Viber, Messenger, chat applications, etc
  • Enhances readability by optimizing line length settings
  • Wide Images Display visually striking wide images.
  • Supports hyperlink color & style customization
  • Floating video
  • Self-hosted video and audio
  • Control Paragraph Spacing: Adjust paragraph spacing for enhanced visual appeal and readability.
  • Customizable sidebar options for individual posts, including width control or disabling sidebar
  • Sponsored Posts: Monetize your content with sponsored posts, allowing you to collaborate with advertisers and promote their products or services.
  • Post Highlights: Highlight key points and important information effectively.
  • Affiliate Disclosure: Provides built-in support for displaying affiliate disclosure information.
  • Supports show/hide comments with button
  • Supports Reading Indicator
  • Supports custom meta values
  • Post View Counter: Track and display post views, and filter posts by popularity.
  • Allows manual input of view counts for each post
  • Supports popup share bars when users highlight text in post content
  • List Style Gutenberg Block: Create lists with custom icons and colors
  • Affiliate List Gutenberg Block: Showcase affiliate products from multiple marketplaces like eBay and Amazon…
  • Note Gutenberg Block: Highlight important notes for visitors
  • Accordion Gutenberg Block: Create accordion blocks with unlimited items
  • Subscribe to Download Gutenberg Block: Offer downloadable resources in exchange for visitor emails, integrated with Mailchimp services
  • Affiliate Product Gutenberg Block: Promote affiliate products directly within your content
  • Highlight Gutenberg Block: Emphasize text highlights within post content

Single Post Builder

Foxiz includes a powerful single post builder, allowing you to create custom layouts for various post formats, including standard, video, gallery, and audio. This feature provides unparalleled flexibility and customization options for your blog or news website.

Review System

Introducing built-in product reviews for posts. This enables search engines to easily recognize and display review information, including ratings and product details, directly in search results.

  • Explore demos like: Multiple Reviews, Stars,
    Score and
    User can Review
  • Supports stars and score types for reviews
  • Unlimited advantages data
  • Unlimited disadvantages data
  • Call-to-action buttons to encourage product purchases
  • Beautifully designed review meta bar in post listings
  • Supports quick review info display at the top of content
  • Product Review Gutenberg Block: Display multiple product reviews with purchase links
  • Allows users to leave their own ratings and reviews on your website
  • Supports review schema markup and user ratings if enabled

Subscription, Paywall and Membership

  • Explore demos like: Subscription,
    Standard News and
  • Foxiz supports Simple Membership, which allows you to convert visitors into members and monetize your content. You can create unlimited plans, both free and paid, and receive payments through popular payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe.

    With this feature, you can restrict access to certain content to only unlocked members, and set up recurring payment options for your paid membership plans. This makes it easy to create a subscription-based revenue stream for your website.

    You can create unlimited plans, free and get paid via Paypal, Stripe…

    • Restrict Content: only unlocked members can access to read the content
    • Recurring Payment: get paid via Paypal, Stripe, Visa & Mastercard

    Infinite Load Next Posts

    Enhance user experience by enabling continuous browsing on your website, eliminating the need for manual page navigation. This feature improves efficiency and user engagement, prompting visitors to explore more content and extend their time on your site.

    • Explore demos like: Fashion and
      Best of Fashion
    • Supports limiting the number of next posts to load
    • Utilizes “Continue Reading” to increase page views, with an offset to display full post content before showing the button
    • Allows filtering next posts by categories matching the current post
    • Supports specific sidebars for next posts, including advertising sidebars
    • Integrates Google Analytics tracking to enhance page view analytics
    • Automatically detects crawlers to disable the infinite load feature for SEO optimization

    Podcast Theme

    Foxiz is the ultimate podcasting theme, designed to cater to podcasters, vloggers, and creators looking to establish a strong online presence.

    • Includes predefined demos for Podcast
    • Easy embedding of podcast files from popular platforms such as SoundCloud and MixCloud
    • Friendly Podcast Player: Enjoy an advanced player featuring functionalities such as skip to next/previous episode, playback speed customization, and customizable color settings.
    • Podcast RSS Feed: Supports podcast show RSS with dedicated settings, enabling submission to third-party services like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more
    • Episode Index support for organizing podcasts
    • Duration data support for each episode
    • Social media integration including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and customizable fields for Social Podcasts
    • support structured data markup to enhance SEO for your podcast content

    Recipes Supported

    Foxiz includes built-in support for recipes, powered by WP Recipe Maker and complemented by beautifully designed templates.

    • Includes predefined demos for recipes:
      Tea & Coffee,
    • Supports dedicated taxonomy for recipes such as ingredients, cooking types, and more
    • Automatic schema markup for recipes to enhance SEO and attract more visitors

    Travel & Booking

    Foxiz offers built-in support for travel news and blogs, making it perfect for travel enthusiasts.

    Live Blogging

    Foxiz includes built-in live blogging features, allowing you to post live updates for events such as political elections, sporting events, conferences, movie openings, TV shows, and product releases directly without the need for any third-party premium plugins.

    • Includes predefined demos for Live Blogging
    • Provide real-time updates to viewers without browser reloads
    • Live Blog Gutenberg Block: Easily post new events with this Gutenberg block
    • Toggle switch to enable or disable live updates
    • Schema markup for enhanced SEO in live blogging

    Related posts are crucial for news, magazine websites. Engage your visitors and reduce bounce rates by displaying related posts throughout your content.

    • Allows selection from same tags, categories, or both for related posts
    • Multiple ordering methods including random, date, last updated, and relevance
    • Supports shortcode integration to blend related posts within paragraph content
    • Supports inline related posts via manual input or automatic insertion after a specified number of paragraphs with 6 predefined layouts.
    • Related Post Gutenberg Block: Manually control related blocks within your site content with live edit functionality
    • Build your own related posts using Ruby Templates
    • Smart queries ensure related posts are never repeated, allowing multiple related boxes within post content
    • Support additional popular sections at the bottom of the page.

    Custom Post Types

    In addition to WordPress’s default post types, Foxiz fully supports any custom post type, allowing you to customize every aspect, including listings, single views, and corresponding taxonomies. This comprehensive design customization doesn’t require coding knowledge or any third-party translations, saving you time and money.

    • Automatically detects post types created with Custom Post Type UI and ACF plugins to provide settings panel.
    • Offers a PHP hook to register post types with Foxiz.
    • Supports metaboxes similar to default posts, such as tagline, featured images, table of contents, section breaks, inline related posts, ads, etc.
    • Includes 11 predefined layouts for single post types
    • Supports a single template builder for custom post types
    • Provides global and individual settings
    • Allows setting up the main taxonomy for any custom post type
    • Supports displaying listings of post types using various Foxiz Blocks such as grid, list, classic, overlay, and flex blocks
    • Flexible control over queries for custom post types through Foxiz Blocks
    • Supports archive builder for any post types
    • Supports displaying post types in search results
    • And much more…

    Custom Taxonomies

    Similar to custom post types, Foxiz supports custom taxonomies alongside categories and post tags, allowing you to create any taxonomy that aligns with your website’s overall design. This feature integrates them into any blog listing.

    • Explore demos like: Music Review and
      Destination Taxonomy
    • Automatically detects custom taxonomies created with Custom Post Type UI and ACF plugins, providing a settings panel.
    • Offers a PHP hook to register taxonomies with Foxiz.
    • Supports a template builder for taxonomy pages.
    • Provides both global and individual settings.
    • Supports taxonomy feature images, colors, and more.
    • Displays taxonomy in the post entry meta bar on both post listings and single posts.
    • Allows replacing category icons with taxonomy in post listings and single posts.
    • Flexible control over taxonomy queries through Foxiz Blocks.
    • Supports taxonomies live search.
    • And much more…

    Web Stories Integration

    Enhance your content with engaging Web Stories using Foxiz. Create and display visual, immersive stories that captivate your audience.

    • Explore demos like: Application and
    • Fully compatible with Google Web Stories plugin.
    • Responsive and mobile-friendly stories that adapt to various screen sizes.
    • Support for both single story and casual website Web Stories block for Elementor with multiple settings.

    OpenAI Assistant for Creating Post

    Powered by OpenAI technology, our assistant allows you to select the type of content you need and provide keywords, making content creation effortless and inspiring.

    Multiple Authors

    With Foxiz, you have the ability to assign multiple authors to each post (a 3rd party plugin requested). This is a great feature for collaborative blogs or websites where multiple people contribute content. Each author’s name and profile can be displayed on the post, giving credit and recognition to all contributors.

    Print Article Supported

    Foxiz theme offers the print article feature with supported print CSS, Ensure your content maintains its quality and readability both online and offline.

    Table of Contents

    Enjoy a built-in table of contents in Foxiz that enhances navigation through lengthy articles and boosts SEO for your WordPress site.

    • Multiple styles and layout settings
    • Supports all post types and provides settings to choose which post types are displayed.
    • Allows control over which headings appear in the table of contents.
    • Global individual position control
    • Supports all languages
    • Automatically generated and SEO-friendly
    • Collapsible toggle supported for improved user experience

    bbPress Forum

    Enhance your WordPress website with a robust discussion board using Foxiz, fully compatible with the popular bbPress plugin. Enjoy a beautifully crafted layout and additional features to create a streamlined forum experience.

    Key features of Foxiz for bbPress include:

    • Explore forums like: Car and
    • Private content area
    • Beautiful text avatars
    • Custom meta fields (up to 2 fields) for topics
    • Sidebar settings customization for bbPress pages
    • Custom topic statuses
    • Create new topic toggle box and more

    AMP Transitional Mode

    The theme supports AMP transitional mode, making it an excellent choice for a WordPress website. This mode offers optimized experiences for mobile users through the AMP version while preserving the non-AMP version for desktop users.

    What sets Foxiz apart from other themes is its ability to maintain the primary design’s look and feel in the AMP layout. The theme also optimizes CSS for AMP and provides options to toggle components like shares, sidebars, single related, footer, and more, ensuring compliance with AMP requirements (75kb CSS limit) and enabling faster loading speeds and mobile-friendliness.

    Adblock Detector

    Foxiz is able to detect the presence of AdBlock extensions on the user’s browser. If an AdBlock extension is detected, the theme will display a popup message to request the user to disable the extension to continue accessing the page. This ensures that your website’s content and ads are not blocked by AdBlockers, allowing you to generate revenue from ads and maintain the integrity of your site.

    Newsletter Popup

    The theme offers support for the MC4WP plugin, which allows you to add a newsletter signup form to your website. This plugin offers both standard and popup layouts, making it easy to customize the look and feel of your newsletter form to fit your brand’s style. You can easily grow your email list and keep your subscribers up to date with the latest news and updates from your website.

    Unique Posts

    For news or magazine websites, duplicate articles can harm your site’s credibility. Our theme includes a tool to automatically remove duplicate posts, keeping your content fresh and engaging for your audience while preventing clutter.

    • Control uniqueness per block
    • Applies to the entire website, including homepage, blog, category archives, and more
    • Supports Ruby templates and global queries
    • Compatible with AJAX pagination

    Advanced Ajax Functionality

    Experience the power of advanced Ajax capabilities integrated into Foxiz, supporting various pagination methods.

    • Live Ajax search for instant results
    • Load more pagination options including “Load More”, “Next/Previous”, and “Infinite Scroll” across all blocks
    • Ajax pagination supported on homepage, blog pages, and category pages…

    Ruby Templates

    Ruby Templates is a standout feature of the Foxiz theme, enabling you to create Elementor templates and place them anywhere on your website using shortcodes. This flexibility allows for extensive customization without requiring any coding knowledge. With Ruby Templates, you can design and implement templates for various sections of your website, including headers, footers, blog posts, and more.

    Header Builder

    Foxiz offers a versatile Header Builder with a variety of pre-designed header layouts. Each layout provides extensive customization options, including color, height, width, background, and more, allowing you to create the perfect header for your website.

    With Ruby Templates, you can create an unlimited number of unique headers, ensuring your website’s design is fully customized and cohesive.

    • 5 predefined header layouts
    • Build headers with Ruby Template
    • Support for transparent headers on individual pages and posts
    • Global and individual header settings for pages and posts
    • Smart sticky navigation
    • Alert Bar: Display important information below the header
    • Popup login form for easy user access
    • Notification: Real-time updates for posts within the last 24 hours, keeping users informed about new content.
    • More Menu Item: Display extra menu links to accommodate numerous items efficiently

    Explore numerous pre-designed footer layouts with extensive customization options including color, height, width, background, and more.

    With Ruby Templates, you can create unlimited footer variations, ensuring they integrate well with your website’s overall design.

    Category Builder

    Foxiz offers a Category Builder feature that enables you to create unique templates and assign them to any category of your choice. This feature allows you to organize and create category pages efficiently and effectively.

    Dynamic query support is available, which means that you can assign a template to as many categories as you wish without having to re-create the template for each category.

    Blog & Archive Builder

    Default blog and category pages can often lack visual appeal. With Ruby Template, you can create a layout and assign it to the them, making your content more visually engaging.

    You can also create templates for author pages, search pages, tags, 404 and archives, giving your website a cohesive and professional look.

    Mega Menu Builder

    You can create a customizable mega menu that displays your content under specific menu items. With no limits to the layout options, you can design visually engaging menus using Ruby templates and make your site truly unique.

    404 Page Builder

    With Foxiz, you can customize your 404 error page to include additional content such as popular posts and products, helping to retain visitors on your website and reduce bounce rates.

    Social Media Integration

    Foxiz integrates with a wide range of social networks, making it effortless for visitors to connect with your social channels. Share your website across multiple platforms to boost visibility and drive traffic.

    • Enhance engagement with vibrant color schemes and dynamic hover effects on social widgets.
    • Enjoy flexible social counter widgets supporting over 24+ social networks and offering 15+ customizable styles.
    • Support for more than 24+ social profiles, catering to both website and author profiles.
    • Create personalized social profiles to meet your specific requirements and branding.
    • Native sharing allows posts to be shared across all mobile apps.


    Foxiz fully supports the WooCommerce plugin with a variety of settings to fit any store’s needs. It includes features such as sale percentages, add-to-cart popups, shop and archive sidebars, and much more.

    Foxiz offers a unique product listing Elementor block that allows you to easily display your WooCommerce products on your website. With the ability to insert the WooCommerce shortcode, you can showcase your products in a customizable grid format, with the option to adjust the number of columns on all devices via the theme grid system.

    • Shop demos to showcase various layouts and styles: Watches,
      Interior Shop and Book
    • Customizable styling and layout options, including colors and typography, for almost all product elements such as price, product name, and product category
    • Comprehensive support for all types of product queries using official WooCommerce shortcodes
    • Custom columns for product listings with responsive support, leveraging the Foxiz Product List
    • Extensive styling options, including image ratios, fonts, sizes, colors, and spacing for any elements in product listings
    • Multiple add-to-cart button layouts to enhance user experience
    • Smart switch between list and grid views for mobile devices
    • Custom sidebar for the shop page, product category. support sticky sidebar and adjustable sidebar width
    • Ability to build the top section of the shop page using Ruby Template
    • Gallery navigation support with column control for single product pages
    • Header mini cart and add-to-cart popup notifications
    • Beautiful and consistent styling for checkout, cart, and default WooCommerce pages to match the overall website design
    • Product wishlist support

    Advanced Typography

    Customize your website’s typography effortlessly with Foxiz. Control font family, size, and line height for any element. Whether using global settings for consistency or individual adjustments for unique styles, your site will project a professional and distinctive appearance.

    • Access to 800+ Google Fonts
    • Adobe Fonts for custom typography
    • Comprehensive font settings including font family, backup font family, font weight & style, subset, text transform, font size, line height, letter spacing, and color
    • Font customization support for nearly all elements on your website
    • Font preloading for improved performance
    • Lightweight built-in font icon library

    Translation Ready

    • Allows translation into any language
    • PO file included, and compatible with PO editors
    • Quick translation panel for fast and easy translations
    • Compatible with translation plugins such as Loco Translate

    WPML, WPGlobus Supported

    Supports multiple languages on your website, allowing you to easily translate your content to reach a wider audience.

    RTL Languages

    • Full support for RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic.
    • Automatic detection and switching to RTL language direction.
    • Dedicated RTL language demo available for preview.
    • RTL support integrated across all demos for consistency.

    GDPR compliant

    With built-in consent forms, and cookie consent options, you can rest assured that your website is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

    Additional Features:

    • Flexible Sidebar Options: Unlimited sidebars for versatile content organization.
    • Modern Standards: Built with HTML5 and CSS3 for optimal performance
    • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Works seamlessly across Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.
    • Automatic Featured Image Download: Fetches images from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo links.
    • Reading Time Calculation: Automatically estimates reading time for posts, enhancing user experience.
    • Custom Entry Meta: Personalize post information with customizable entry meta fields.
    • Reading Progress Bar: Displays reading progress for improved user engagement.
    • SVG Uploader: Upload and use scalable vector graphics.
    • Weather Widget: Shows current weather conditions.
    • Preview Video on Hover: Play video previews directly on featured image.
    • Instagram Images Grid: Showcase Instagram photos in stylish grids.
    • Video Playlists: Curate video content with YouTube and Vimeo playlists.
    • Floating Video Playback: Persistent video playback with a floating box.
    • Customizable Blocks and Layouts: Tailor content structures with the Flex blocks.
    • Contact Form 7 Support: Integration for creating contact forms, multiple form layouts, columns control.
    • Address Widget: Display business contact information conveniently.
    • Login Form Popup: Quick access with a popup login form.
    • Custom Login Page Layout: Personalize user login experiences with custom layouts.
    • More Menu: More menu section for comprehensive navigation.
    • Mailchimp Integration: for easy email subscription.
    • Smart Sticky Menu: Enhanced navigation accessibility with a sticky menu.
    • Accordion Tabs: Organize content neatly with accordion tabs.
    • And much more…



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